Largely Happy

    It was our enourmous pleasure to supply Mahy Farms chicken breasts and little boys pancetta to Lynda - 'Largely Happy' and her friends.

    Here's what Lynda had to say:

    Everyone agreed thatr the chicken and pancetta was absolutely first class and kept remarking, all through the meal about the succulence and superior quality. I'm sure you have some converts here ;)

    I stuffed the chicken breasts with a mixture of chopped apricots, cream cheese, onion, garlic, basil and a jot of cayenne. Wrapped these in pancetta and then roasted for 30 minutes.
    Served them with  julienne carrots tossed with toasted sesame seeds; crispy green beans with Hollandaise sauce; crumbed whole mushrooms, whole roasted garlic bulbs and buttered brown basmati rice with chestnuts. My guests brought the salads and desserts (mixed fresh fruit crumble and natural yoghurt)

    We combined the meal with our favourite Trivia, everyone brought about 40 questions and we had such fun not knowing the answers!!

    Many, many thanks for this wonderful opportunity to feast, it was thoroughly enjoyed by us all.

    PS I know photographing food should be subtle, perhaps three strips of carrot, a green bean or two artistically arranged on a plate with a slice of stuffed chicken breast, but my guests are all from an era where,'if it is there, you add it to your plate' - so that's what you got!!

    We think it looks magnificent - and the most important part is that you enjoyed great food with friends and had fun - that's what it is all about.

    Posted 14/11/2012 3:39:59 p.m. (0 comments)

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